Create liquid, efficient

markets across all major

trading platforms

Wintermute partners with promising projects to help them improve liquidity. We support all major exchanges and pairs, covering centralized and decentralized exchanges and trading platforms.

Wintermute has a track record of working with many of the world's most prominent projects, read this case study to learn more.

See case study

Liquidity provision for

blockchain projects

Coverage across CEX, DEX and MM pools

No integration, monthly or other fees

24/7/365 liquidity for your token

Competitive spreads even in fast markets

Statistics and insights of trading activity

Off-exchange blocks of any size

Ways to partner with


  • We work with ambitious projects that expect to get listed on top-tier exchanges
  • We are long-term oriented and are excited to partner with projects that are building the future of blockchain ecosystem
  • We invest in equity rounds of selected early stage projects

  • We do not just trade tokens, we offer projects guidance on all aspects of liquidity
  • We have a strong in-house DeFi team who work closely with projects whenever we can help, e.g. we can help bridge tokens from other chains to ETH


Wintermute is dedicated to supporting the innovation in the blockchain ecosystem and is investing in innovative blockchain projects.