Get synthetic exposure to digital assets, manage risk, and employ sophisticated trading strategies

Wintermute offers a variety of derivatives including options, tailored products, CFDs and NDFs, for institutions and qualified investors, catering across common and bespoke use cases


Trade derivatives with Wintermute

Multiple risk management solutions, from hedging strategies to treasury diversification

Wide coverage of tokens from majors to hundreds of altcoins

Bespoke products and strategies to match your specific needs

Bilateral or block trades on top venues and liquidity networks

Direct access to the top source of liquidity for derivatives exchanges

Flexible and capital efficient margining framework


Wintermute offers a full suite of derivative instruments


Hedge digital asset price risk with OTC options, customized to meet your specific objectives. Wintermute offers options bilaterally or via block trades on top derivative venues, for any block size, across hundreds of tokens.

Tailored products

Get products uniquely tailored to your needs. Wintermute’s tailored products have helped institutions, miners, projects and qualified investors achieve strategies around capital optimization, leverage for directional investing, and hedging.

Contract-for-differences (CFDs)

CFDs enable leveraged exposure to digital assets without holding the underlying. Available bilaterally via Wintermute’s institutional grade API integration or via chat, with a flexible funding schedule.

Forwards & Non-deliverable forwards (NDFs)

Hedge digital asset positions by trading physically settled forwards or cash-settled NDFs with a reliable counterparty. NDFs are classic solutions for institutions to trade in digital assets without holding underlying assets.